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Pyramid Model


The Pyramid Model is an evidence-based, multi-tiered system of support which meets the social, emotional, and behavioral needs for ALL children in a program. Click on the Pyramid to the left and read below for more information.

We are working towards fully implementing the Pyramid Model at BVS.  As we continue to work through it, we will be adding to this page and adding other pages to highlight our achievements. If you'd like to join the leadership team, please reach out to us. 


The foundation of the pyramid model is the excellent teachers who are the life blood of the program.

Tier 1

All children benefit from high quality environments and when they have nurturing and responsive relationships.

Tier 2

When children need more support, we provide specialized and specific social and emotional activities.

Tier 3

This  tier of the Pyramid Model is reserved for when children need direct support to meet their developmental needs.

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The New Hampshire Preschool Technical Assistance Network (PTAN) is a grant-funded statewide technical assistance and training network that promotes quality, developmentally appropriate and culturally competent early childhood education and special education programs in New Hampshire.

BVS is supported in implementing the Pyramid Model by PTAN. Click on their logo to the left to read more.

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