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Our Classrooms

  Our Organic Classrooms at BVS bring the warm feeling of home and family while making each student feel comfortable to embrace exploring new ideas and creations. Each of our classrooms are adapted to fit each child's needs according to their age and abilities while following the Reggio concept of following the child's lead for  their educational and social and emotional interests.  Each teacher at BVS strives to make learning fun instead of a task.

Once you see our classrooms you will not want to leave!


BVS encourages each child to follow their natural  curiosity by inspiring them to try new things inside and outside of the classroom. The Reggio Emilio Approach has shown this helps build each child's confidence and resilience to the world around them. 

BVS believes our environment is the third teacher. Because of this, we spend time outside everyday no matter what the weather is! 

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