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Parent Resources

There are many (often conflicting) sources for information regarding young children and at times it is overwhelming to sift through everything. Here are some resources we recommend; click on the name of the organization to follow to their website. 

We understand that we are not able to accommodate every family that wants to join our program. This website features a search function to find alternative centers if you cannot wait on our Waiting List.

When children need additional supports for their development to flourish, we recommend reaching out to our local Early Supports and Services (ESS) group to help the child get the supports they need.

The Barrington Early Childhood Learning Center is the local school district that we partner with to assist children when they age out of ESS at age 3 and are considered school age. 

Vroom is an app for your phone that you can get which helps parents boost their child's learning during the time they already spend together. It includes tips and ideas on how to interact with your young child to best support their learning and development.

The Pyramid Model has many resources. The Backpack Series is a set of handouts that supports parents helping their child through challenging behavior. There is a handout for just about every type of difficult behavior. If you have a concern and don't see a handout for it, reach out to your child's teacher.

The New Hampshire Preschool Technical Assistance Network (PTAN) is a grant-funded statewide technical assistance and training network that promotes quality, developmentally appropriate and culturally competent early childhood education and special education programs in New Hampshire. PTAN is supporting BVS/Roots as we work to fully implement  the Pyramid Model. 

Child Care Aware of America is an organization which supports families as they choose high quality, affordable child care. This link leads to their tuition assistance program for military families. 

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is the governing body which monitors and regulates child care centers in NH. This website leads to their child care scholarship program (which we accept).

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