BVS Family & Child Enrichment​ Center, LLC

What We Do

Off Campus


On Campus

​Our nature inspired program provides young minds with the tools to enhance their mental and physical well-being while connecting with their Roots. 

Roots is a great way for your child to experience new recreation activities they've never done before. Along

with our day trips, we will be exploring  kayaking, canoeing,

river tubing, rock climbing,

ziplining, low and high aerial

courses, and hiking. We will also

be offering an end of summer camp camping trip for our older children. 

Roots will provide many activities

both outside and inside though we will spend most of our time outdoors. We are new to our campus, and we'll be incorporating some fabulous additions to our property. This includes an above-ground saltwater pool, new gardening boxes, goats & chickens, large sandboxes, and a zip line. 

Inside activities include arts and crafts, garden to table baking/cooking, learning about recycling/repurposing, knot tying skills, teambuilding activities, and more.