The Willows classroom is designed for three-year-old children ready for preschool. In this classroom, your child will be introduced to more and various art media, manipulatives, literacy tools, and self-care responsibilities.  Each day begins with a morning meeting, followed by two daily group theme activities and opportunities for both center and outdoor play.

Magnolia uses the strainer to scoop up water. When she lifted it into the air she said "No water in here! Too many holes".

The Willows

Lucas and Oliver enjoy some downtime together as they read a book about a shark.

The children wait patiently as one by one they step into sensory bins containing different materials. Abigail Stands in a bin containing beans and water.

Cameron and Abigail make each other laugh as they dry off in the sun after water play.

The children helped cut up fruits and vegetables to make their own unique mixtures for their infused water.

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