Using colored tissue paper and cotton balls to decorate a rainbow

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Working on our leprechaun traps

Exploring shapes with dry-erase markers

Tracing each other to create penguins 

Enjoying our new dress-up clothes

Using sensory play to learn letters


The Dragonflies classroom is designed for four-year-old children socially and developmentally ready for a more challenging classroom experience.  The teachers in this classroom are Ms. Allissa, Ms. Amber, and Ms. Maggie.  Dragonflies continue to learn through traditional methods and are taught about the world beyond the classroom.  The teachers work hard to base our curriculum off of the children's interests.   Each day begins with a morning meeting, followed by two to three daily theme activities and opportunities for both center and outdoor play.   

Using shortening and ice water to see how polar bear's blubber works

What's Going On In Our Classroom